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Sunday, April 26, 2009


God was speaking to my heart. I went back room, I wept and I repented before God for my selfishness. At that moment, as I was weeping before the Lord and starring at the Cross I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Joy, everything that you have suffered, I have suffered and a million times over. My love for you is true and it will never leave you. Be satisfied in My love.”

Peace came back into my heart. I finally understood what it meant to make Jesus my only satisfaction. I finally understood what makes life truly beautiful. It’s not what we achieve, what we have, who we know, or whether or not our dreams are fulfilled that makes this life beautiful. Rather, life is beautiful because God is beautiful. His love is unfailing and His love is the only thing that we can count on. When all else fails, His love is still there. What really matters, is that we have a “relationship with our Creator” and the love He gives to us, we are to cherish and give to others. Our success is not in what we achieve in this life, our success is in knowing Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I love Him, He loves me, I am successful!

Hard times will come. Struggles will always be there. Life will never be perfect. But God’s loves will always be faithful. If we want to live a life that is truly beautiful remember the following…

1. The love of people often increases with performance and decreases with mistakes. Not so with God’s love - Don’t put your trust in the world’s happiness, but put your hope in God’s love. He loves us no matter what we do right or what we do wrong.

2. God loves you with an unearthly love. You can’t win it by being winsome. You can’t lose it by being a loser - We often think that God will loves us more if we do more for Him. This is not the case, God loves us not because we are perfect, He loves us because we are His children. Whether or not things are going great, or whether you feel like all is lost, know that God’s love for you will never change.

3. God can turn tragedy into a triumph, if only you will wait and watch - We don’t understand why things happen the way they do, but we can put our hope in God that He can make all things beautiful. Even what the enemy intends for our evil, God can turn for our good.

4. Love God for God. Life is not perfect, but life is Worth living - We are promised nothing in this world. The things of this world are passing away, but the love of Christ last forever. Put your hope in God and God alone. Love God not for what He can do for you, but love God simply because He is worthy of our affection. When Jesus becomes our only satisfaction, nothing else matters. We can’t fail in this life, because His love is unfailing. Yet, when we know His unfailing love, it makes everything else in this life, good or bad that much more beautiful and meaningful.

5. Does your self-esteem ever sag? When it does, remember what you are worth - Max Lucado


knowing that you were redeemed, not with corruptible things, with silver or gold, from the useless way of life handed down from your fathers, 19?but with precious blood, as of a faultless and pure lamb, the blood of Christ;


Forgive them.....

Dear Bros and Sis in Christ,

I have a very urgent and special prayer request. My heart broke for this young lady when I heard the news. I prayed for her to find the love of God and the forgiveness that is offered through Jesus Christ. I also prayed that God would use this situation for greater good, somehow to redeem and bless the youth and families of her. She left God n worship other GOD.I wept.
Angels cry on above,a lamb fell into trial..i realize that right now is the time devil coming to attack us..i m not prejudice to other religion, but i wept 4 all who no belive the crucified of JESUS CHRIST..
I wept for her decisions alsO all the millions in the world who have been negatively effected by the sin & immorality that was spread. I pray that one day a prodigal daughter who will be return to hER heavenly Father.
That what Satan meant for evil, God would turn for good. I am thankful to God because I know millions who read this page will b awake by this situation. Therefore, those who read this article after realizing that God`s love, will also realize that Jesus can forgive their sins and give them hope for a new life in Christ.
Jesus died on the cross and resurrected on the third day so our sins could be forgiven and anyone who believes in Him will not die, but have everlasting life.

(John 3:16)
For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

Lastly, I just really want you all to keep this low key and simply “pray” if you read this. Pray for this fren, she is like a sister to me. I love her and she has a good heart. Many people will try to ridicule or doubt what has happened, but it doesn’t matter because I know her and she is struggle to make the decision. She is a good person. We all make mistakes. I urge the public who reads this, judge not or you will be judged as the Bible says. Because none of us are perfect and we all need Jesus forgiveness. I know it, I have faith not only for her but for all who are affected by this. Pray for her spiritual restoration. Because it’s not easy, her family, her friends and myself are all God’s work in progress and we need prayers, patience, mercy and grace from everyone to not point the finger, gossip or anything else, but to simply pray asking God to make us more like Christ each day and to be a testimony for Him in this generation. May God receive all the glory in this.
God is faithful. Please pray right now for God’s will to be done. Thank you!

Under the mercy,


For anyone who read this blog post and you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, but you want to know Him. You want to repent and be forgiven of your sins then read what the Good News of Jesus is all about

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pendidikan Luar

pjk group will b going to pendidikan luar camping by 2moro..
my roomate also my buddy will b not longer to meet in time!
peroto,selamat berpendidikan luar!know that u r unlike somthing berpeluh makes u feel melekit..haha
its ok ,never mind!feel it in one week only!huh,about one week no see them..haih,alone inside my room....

CHANGE-PS Jonathan Tse

been blessed by this song
by Ps Jonathan Tse,


Like a branch that is being pruned ,
like a potter moulding his clay,
here am i Lord shape my life i pray,

Jesus come and dwell within,
take my life wash away my sins,
i am ready now Lord shape my life i pray,

Pre Chorus:
Come Lord Jesus come..echo
Come Lord Jesus come..echo

Make me make me more like you each day
shape me i`ll never be the same
i lay my life surrender
all i have to worship you

Change me change my heart i pray,
inspire me i`ll never be the same
your touch your love transforms my life,
Jesus you`re my heart desire

promoting cd(not me)

recently was met a senior KPLI-guadik his name in college,he was now promoting his dusun`s songs album..
i heard a lot of comments,well i m not open to talk about the comments of people..
4 me,i m sure to love dusun songs,may bcoz of effected of my father,my father love dusun songs very much,know to sing a lot also..ahaha
of course i wil give a big clap 4 the album made!this is an awesome cd!
it is not easy to be made...i heard that the songs recorded,was composed n created by himself..i think he is a talent person..
even i felt some crash/weak in the songs,but i really adore him..
the melody and the song lyrics,also a lot of rap...nice..for i know,the cds was sold out in some place..
have it to listen..
4 those who r not able to understand also diden understand..its ok!
but never forget the Father of Creation 4 giving the grace n bless in him album..

*wish to hear some rap`s songs from his coming album...huh
May GOD continuelly bless him in all the way in music`s industry!
keep faith on God!:p

Friday, April 24, 2009

going place when im upset,alone,stress out....

2day,feeling complicated..
mayb caused of somthing happened to me..
even phsyically, emotion, n mentality.....feeling not very well
this several days both of my legs was very painful..
may bcoz of last year i`ve got leg injured..a stone beat during camping, on the way to climb up the mountain,
i tot it wil b getting well soon,but it is impossible,y i said like that?
what i felt now is :s.....
several nite was cramp n very uncomfortable..
i realized that i will be carrying this pain til me get old..
coz it is not only skin surface getting pain,but the urat in the leg was effected...
hmm..mayb i wil b doing no more playing badminton,even jogging,...some day sitting on the wheel chair...
yet,i stil have my fingers to playing piano..
the class of PPISMP bm,my going place when i m upset,alone,n stress out,music makes/gives me more strength, throw away my sadness, makes me calm down..
look the piano photo above...was waiting me to press on u ever know this piano is very classically n was damaged sumore....
bad melody came out...however,this is my only way to learn piano...must be satisfied what i have right now..
emotion getting unstable..
my mom called me to going bek kgau on nex fri..its holiday.
my bro sms me greeting n make sure im ok in my college..
tats y i shout,`family is the greatest support to me`..haha
even i have error in love,they are stil care about me n ask me do not give up,look forward,u must have a gudiest love in your life!
thanks...i dun know how to thanks them..just to b a guai guai gals.:p
hah..i would like to share with u a bit..
ermm....about shopping,
in personlly,i obviously dont like going to shopping in shoping mart or what else,
i more like to walk around tamu or somthing places outside...
mayb there have somthing i never seen b4...haaha
yarh,i do like to xplore life..somewhere 2 jalan-jalan cari makan..
its awesome!njoying my watever i like..
indeed cool:p
leave any comment to give me encourage here..thanks a lot..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

carta notes muzik tuk peroto

fred,ni adalah carta sedikit tentang simbol dan notes asas music..
ni carta kelihatan macam pak gua cina,tpi bukan lar...hehe
jayi ajar jak lar apa yg saya tau..memang sa x juga tau semua,tpi sa cuba lar arap-arap sa tidak gagalkan diri sa dalam menjadi guru prasekolah yang bakal mengajar music ni..hehe
ok,bulatan tengah tu,simbol pertama ya bentuk d tu namanya crochet(1 beat),hitma d tengah dia,
sebelah dia bentuk 9: tu ialah bass clef,maksudnya kalo ko nampak dalam buku muzik,maksudnya main notes tu pakai tangan kiri,
dan di bawah crochet tu ialah treble clef tuk tangan kanan(cam bentuk g ckit)..
yg garis-garis itu ialah brace,ada 5 kesemuanya,iaitu format tempat mo kasi masuk notes
then bulatan dluar plak,yg ada s terbalik tu ialah rest(crochet),maksud dia tanda rehat la,ndak payah tekan key
yg nom 4-4 tu ialah time signature,kalo 4 maksud 4 beats,kalo 2,2 beats la...
then topi yg terbalik tu plak minim dan itu tanda rehat dia,mean kira 1 and 2 baru masuk ke notes yg seterusnya,
then huruf b tu ialah b flat,contoh A flat(b),kalo d piano tekan key hitam sebelum key A,
selepas tu pula macam d tpi ada satu ekor dia,nama dia ialah quaver,1/2 beat ya.
pas tu smile terbalik tu(ada titik d bawah dia)ialah pause,,mean berhenti kejap bru sambung,
pastu d kosong tu nama dia minim,1 minim sama dgn 2 beats,
pas tu tu bentuk o ialah semibreve,4 beats,
then topi tu plak semibreve juga tapi tanda rehat dia,mean kira 1,2,3 and 4 baru masuk ke notes yg seterusnya,
ko nampak tanda pagar # tu?ada juga dalam keypad hdfon tu,nama dia sharp,contoh c# dan c#m gtu,kalo c# ko tekan key hitam selepas c,
then crohchet yang ada 2 ekor tu ialah semi quaver,dia punya beat ialah 1/4,
dan yang paling last tu ada gni ( ll:) tu,nampak?itu ialah repeat sign,mean ulang g sekali..
ini lar yg asas dia kena tahu dan ingat.
nokuro?pening da?hehe
Selamat Mencuba..tanya jak pa pa yg ko tia faham,k la sa mo study HE dulu...:p
jia you tuk test esok!

pasal mo belajar instrumen ni..

ko mo belajar piano?nanti sa ajar ko..
ko mo belajar gitar?nanti sa ajar ko..c rahmat pun kalah ni..c ian pun hampir mo kalah ni..hehe
gitar apa?
ko mo belajar redeem?nanti adik lelaki pertama sa ajar ko
ko mo belajar bass?adik lelaki kedua sa ajar ko nanti
ko mo belajar drum?adik kedua sa juga ajar ko nanti..
ko mo belajar violin?ni sa lom advance lar..susah ckit ni pasal violin agak sukar dibelajar,nanti sa gtau ko d mana ada patt dia mo belajar..

c peroto bebel jayi

ni ari c peroto cakap ma sa..
dia bilang nokuro sa punya blog jarang update uda?padahal
sa ari-ari ni update..mungkin kurang da la mangkali..hehe
bha,ko mo sa post benda p cni?
rasanya ko akan kenyang akan bebelan sa ni..hehe
aiyaa.nanti kamu p PL,amacam?
tinggal sa sorang,nanti kalo sa rindu ko?
kalo sa perlu kan duit...mana sa mo minta tulun? plak kalo teda ko sa ndak boleh idup..haha
sabar bha jayi..:p

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sila limpas lagi

poinsikou kio atas limpasan d blog saya,sila limpas lagi..haha
makaseh kawan ku peroto sanggup berkorban semata-mata kerana saya yang ajak dia buka blog..(padahal kena paksa ni,kesian dia)
ni dia blog kawan sa
p lar mimpanau kejap bagi komen2 tanda support lar,makaseh
eh,anda tau tak sebenarnya blogger dapat membawakan kita banyak faedah,
dan faedah itu..
hanya dapat dialami dan dirasai apabila anda suda mendaftar dan menghayati blogger anda sendiri,
betul ni..Selamat mencuba!


Friday, April 17, 2009


i would like to tq Mr Razwan Garidi for a big help as my photographer to snap down some photos...
the photos shown how proffesional of him..haha..i appreaciated a lot of the photos..tq.
its nice!!:p

Thursday, April 9, 2009

some thought...

pertemuan antara dua insan,
seperti mencabut undi,
pada arena yang serba luas ini,
satu pertemuan telah pun berlaku,
adakalanya,anda akan mendapati
seseorang yang anda tidak sedap dipandang,
menjadi kawan baikmu tiba-tiba,
kerana anda telah menyedari bahawa dia seorang yang baik..
anda tidak ingin mengenali seseorang itu,
kerana anda rasa tidak minat dan tiada maksud,
selepasa itu,anda menyedari
bahawa dialah orang yang anda ingin jadikan kawan,
adakala,anda sangat suka pada seseorang,
tetapi mungkin bukan jodoh,
cuma ditakdirkan bertemu tetapi tidak dapat bersama selamanya,
orang yang anda cintai,tetapi tidak mencintai anda,
orang yang bukan anda cintai pula mencintaimu dengan begitu ikhlas sekali,
perasaan yang sukar difahami ini sering mengerumuni fikiran kita,
tidak dapat memahami,
somebody,rasa seperti suda kenal sebelum hayat ini,
somebody,rasa seperti tidak akan ada kait langsung dengan kita dalam hidup anda,
seperti kereta awam,orang naik bus di stesen ini,
dan akan turun di stesen seterusnya
setiap perkara dalam hidup sukar dijangka,
kawan yang telah lama dikenali,walao perasaan kawan masih ada,
tetapi oleh kerana setiap orang mempunyai impian masing-masing,
menyebabkan muncul jarak antara 1 sama lain,
namun,tetap ada sesuatu perasaan dalam hati,
tidak kira berapa tahun telah lalu,
memang sukar nak dilupakan,
dan ia akan berada dalam hati tuk selama-lamanya,
Oleh itu,kawan-kawan,hargailah setiap jodoh dan pertemuan,
kerana anda tidak akan sedar,
bahawa anda terlepas pada kali ini,
anda dengan dia,mungkin akan bertemu lagi di mana mana?
mungkin,ini merupakan satu-satu nya pertemuan antara anda denga dia..
sesuatu yang ajaib,
ia membiarkan dua orang yang belom pernah bertemu pun,
untuk saling mengenali,memahami,
dan akhir sekali menjadi kawan
kalo ada jodoh tidak akan kemana mana juga..
kalo tiada jodoh apa boleh buat?
Pertemuan antara dua orang
sekiranya tidak ada takdir,
bagaimana pula mengenali antara satu sama lain melalui pertemuan?
adakala,kawan yang jarang berhubung,
dia tetap menghantar email kepadamu,
sedikit cerita lucu,lawak,oleh-oleh
ataupun sesuatu yang dipandang tidak bernilai dalam mata,
inilah salah satu cara dia mengambil berat anda,
dia menghargai anda dalam hati,
sesuatu perasaan yang ajaib dan sukar dilafazkan melalui kata,
namun,tidakku pasti,anda dan saya
akan bertemu lagi?
atau saya dilupakan,
Semoga anda semua kawan-kawan saya,

blieve him,A holy SAVIOUR..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


always kawan me going bek keningau,my kampung,
always ask me to spend him to eat.
borrow me external hardisk to format my laptop,
borrow me shirt to do my course work presentation TODAY,
teached me the anatomy n phisiology,
teached me how to tackle hensem guy^x^
teached me to dance,
teached me to speak dusun,
take photo together where ever go,
play play together,
talk talk together,
go to swimming together,
go to shopping together,
catch me up when im falling,
the place wil b noisy once me together with him,
do u ever saw a chinese n a dusun bcame very close?i mean their frenship..
my long life buddy..
dun know wat to say..really gud!
2day,he was voted the top as one of the candidates of Jawatan Perwakilan Pelajar IP KENT,
so he wil b my college JPP Chairman to manage the student here.
Congrates congrates...:p
100% voted...
i din need many fren coz true fren are no meaning if he/she doesn`t really care 4 u..
I appreacited this guy(thats y i show off a bit his photo here^x^),
a smart n caliber guy..
thank GOD,bring me a frens..




from Ps Jaeson Ma, share with u about his mum decided to abort when he was in mother`s worm,n the baby grew up now,it is Ps Jaeson Ma,




生命沒外表之分——你們會以高矮肥瘦去量度自己生命的價值嗎?倘若你認為一個如紅豆般大的胚胎就不是生命,那麼我們是否個個都要像NBA球員奧尼爾(Shaquille O’Neal)生得那麼高才叫做人類?那生得比奧尼爾矮的希拉莉(Hillary Clinton)是不是一個沒有價值的生命呢?答案當然是「不」,每個生命都有他的價值,不要因為他/她出現在一個不恰當的時機,又或是發育不健全便把胎兒打掉,恰當與否不是由我們去決定。




The Official Jaeson Ma Website

28 years ago, my mother was five minutes away from making a decision to abort my life in a hospital clinic. I thank God that she chose to give me a chance to live in this world. If she had not, I would not be writing this column today and teaching others the value and sanctity of life.

Abortion is major issue all around the world. Sadly, almost a third of all pregnancies in Hong Kong are terminated. 29% of all babies born are aborted in Hong Kong. In all developed countries Hong Kong has the highest rate of abortion at 29%. Number two in the world rankings is the USA at 24.4%, then Canada at 24.3% and Australia at 23.7%.

The statistics can be higher in Hong Kong, because many abortions are done illegally. My heart breaks when I hear this because so many beautiful lives and potential destinies are lost. We need to have better sex education in Hong Kong and the world to let young people know why they should practice abstinence and be responsible with their actions.

Some people say, “There is nothing wrong with abortion because you are not killing a “real person” it is just a fetus/tissue.” The reality is every person is a person no matter how small. Below is a simple acronym you can remember S.L.E.D. that will teach your four reasons why abortion is killing a real person. Hopefully, after reading this you will decide to have your child or encourage someone else to keep his or her child like my mother did. Who knows? Maybe the child in your womb right now could be the next chief executive of Hong Kong, famous actor, genius scientist, amazing teacher or spiritual leader of our future society. Remember: every life counts and every life is precious in God’s eyes!

Four Reasons why Abortion Destroys Life: S.L.E.D.

1. Size or Physical Appearance – Do humans lose value when they don’t look right? Does size equal value? Men are generally larger than women. Does that mean men are more human than women? Shaquille O’Neil is larger than Hillary Clinton. Does that mean Hillary Clinton is less human than Shaq? The term used to describe the destruction of groups of people based on their physical appearance is ethnic cleansing or genocide. But human value transcends physical appearance. Therefore, “not looking right” cannot disqualify a human being from being valuable.

2. Level of Development – Is a person’s value defined by his abilities, by what he can or can’t do? Do we forfeit our rights as human persons because we don’t have the capabilities others have? Do stronger; more capable; more intelligent people have more rights than others? Do human beings become disposable simply because at their level of development they are helpless, defenseless, and dependent? Human value transcends abilities or the lack of abilities. Therefore, missing abilities cannot disqualify human value.

3. Environment – Do humans forfeit there worth when they change locations? Baby Rachel was born prematurely at 24 weeks. She weighed only 1 lb. 9 oz., but dropped to just under 1 lb. soon after. She was so small she could rest in the palm of her daddy’s hand. She was a tiny, living, person. Heroic measures were taken to save her life. If a doctor had killed Rachel we would have recoiled in horror. However, if this same little girl was inches away from the outside world, resting inside her mother’s womb, she could be legally killed by abortion. Clearly, one’s environment can’t be the deciding factor. Changing locations is morally trivial. Environment has no bearing on who we are.

4. Degree of Dependency – Is human value determined by our degree of dependency on others? The unborn’s dependency on his mother for sustenance is irrelevant to the baby’s value. No baby is “viable” if degree of dependency matters. All babies need their mothers for feeding whether via blood (an umbilical cord), breast, or bottle. Human beings may be dependent on others for their survival, but they aren’t dependent on others for their value. All physically dependent people are at risk if degree of dependency determines their value – those dependent on kidney machines, pacemakers, and insulin would have to be declared non-persons. Dependency does not determine worth.


was completed for the stage one of piano lesson!!
my dreams came true!
All Glory to Almighty Father in heaven!!
this is the beginning of my music life!even,i know a bit guitar..some bass and redeem but not good enough!
really thank you God!
act i jeolous with people that they can have a piano class since young but me no..
may bcoz of i m not from a rich family,
however,i have my own money to pay up the piano fees!:p
even the journey is still long, i enjoying my music life!thank to my bloved family..thanks for the support n love...^x^

but we hav food and clothing,we will be content with that.2 Timonthy 6:8
(satisfy is not what u wish to have, but to satisfied what u have now)

Walking by faith,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good News

Here a good new for those who interested in camping!!And those who think himself as a servant of God. Well this conference is open to all teacher in training or ipt students.This camp call camp IPT or Barnabas Camp.

The information below may help u know more:

Date : 1 may-3 may 2009
Organizer : Persekutuan Guru-guru Kristian Sabah(PGKS)
Fees : RM70(including accomodation and meals)plz bring along on 2pm-4pm
1 May for register
Speaker : Dr.Sherly Teh
Time to register : 2-4pm(1 May)
Time to break : 11:30(3 May)

For those who interest with this camp,plz kindly inform me or send an email to:
to let me know that i may arrange the transport as well for you.
*a tips for u:crocker range act is a gud place..nice condition n nice view over whole keningau.Dun forget to bring your sweather to cover up your self from the cool weather!otherwise,there may realize your tension.....

Tq. God Bless.

Under the mercy,


recently was busy with assgment..
fuuhh....stress out and tired..
full of activities every times to date..haha
the pic was taken when my group presentation..was took some times to take photo..
huu,posing everywhere..
nvrmind,just to relize tension..
Cheer up panda joy!!:p