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Monday, March 30, 2009


this title makes me realized somthing...


I can’t lie. I must confess that I like to play video games! In fact, I used to host a video game TV show, that’s how much I like to play! Video games can be a lot of fun, but at the same time certain video games can be very dangerous. The videos games I started out playing in the 1990’s (Atari, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, etc) are very different from the video games that young people have access to playing today. I used to play harmless games like “Duck Hunt” and “Super Mario Brothers.” Today, they have games like “Grand Theft Auto” (where you get to play a street gangster that kills, steals, and destroys society) or games like “Resident Evil” (where you literally mass murder, mutilate and genocide people and demons) things have definitely changed since the first hit video game Pac Man!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe there are a lot of great video games out today that are harmless, good fun and a great entertainment experience. At the same time, there are video games out there today that can seriously cause damage not only to the person playing it, but sadly others. There have been many case studies proving that violent video games produce violent behavior in young people. Many of the mass school killings in North America that have been carried out by students, have been proven to be influenced by excessive violent video game playing.

A research done in 2000 revealed that playing violent video games can increase a person’s aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Two studies were conducted by psychologists Craig Anderson and Karen Dill published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that looked at the effects of violent video games in the lab and in real life. The results of these two studies presented that indeed there was persuasive evidence that violence in video games do increase aggression in some, but not all those who play it. The psychologist performed two studies one in the real world and the other in the lab. Both studies resulted in factual findings that students or young people exposed to long periods of time in playing violent video games would act out in delinquent behaviors or act on violent or aggressive traits. They even used the Columbine High School shooting with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (where more than a dozen innocent students were shot and killed) as an example of how violent video games influenced their planned massacre. It was discovered that they modified a version of the violent video game “Doom” on their computer where there were two shooters, extra weapons and the other people in the game couldn’t shoot back. Sadly, they essentially acted out this game at Columbine High School.

It is clear that violence in video games has a direct influence and correlation with young people behaving violently. With these facts, we must as a society do what we can to limit these kinds of games from being distributed, made and played. If I knew that a video game my son was playing was causing him to not only hurt others, but possibly murder and kill would I let him keep playing that game? Certainly not! We need to be proactive in speaking out against violent video games being made, we must also make sure that we educate youth on these games negative effects. In this postmodern generation many spend more time socializing with a video game than they do with actual people. Life for a youth is isolated, individualistic and focused on ones own experience. Whether that is through at TV show, movie, video game or something else, we need to encourage and show young people that God’s purpose for their lives can be more entertaining than these life absorbing and fruitless activities, especially violence in media or video games.

If you are a young person reading this, trust me, video games are fun, but don’t become addicted to them. There are plenty of fun things to do with your time. Don’t waste your time use it wisely, productively and creatively. Video games absorb your creative talent and potential to do things that actually make a lasting difference. Instead of getting brain fried on video games all day, you should instead use your brains and gifts to change the world, help somebody, invent something, read a good book, serve your community, pursue your dreams and seek to know God more. There is nothing more entertaining than giving your life to a purpose and cause worth dying and living for!

God bless,

Jaeson Ma

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rebellious Child

What can you do as a parent to better parent your rebellious child?

1. Spend quality time with them ~ to young people LOVE is spelled T-I-M-E. It doesn’t matter how much money you give them (my dad always gave me money when he saw me, but it didn’t mean much because he was absent most of my life). You can show your children you care, by taking out time from your busy schedule to be with your son/daughter in a meaningful way.

2. Learn to truly listen ~ many times we just tell or as Asian parents yell at our children for things we don’t like or agree with that they are doing. To a young person, being scolded at, yelled at, or told what to do is the worst way to change them. If we want to get gain their heart, we must first listen to them with our ears. Young people want to be respected, heard, and trusted. When you listen to them, they will know that you truly care, understand where they are coming from and know that you ultimately want the best for them. When they feel listened to, they will be open to listening to you. If you don’t listen, their hearts will become bitter, frustrated and resentful which leads to rebellion.

3. Be supportive of their decisions ~ I’m sorry to say this, but you can’t control your children to do everything you want them to do for you. Young people always complain to me, “Pastor Jaeson, my parents are forcing me to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc and I am so unhappy and angry because they won’t allow me to do what is on my heart.” I know we all want the best for our kids, but the very best thing you can do as a parent is tell your son/daughter that you support them in the decisions they make. Even if sometimes it means they will learn only through making a mistake. It is good and wise to give a child advice, but make sure you are not trying to control their every decision. They will feel boxed in, suffocated, and react through rebellion. A child needs to know they are loved not for what they do, but for who they are. They need to know it is okay to fail, and they will still be loved if they don’t meet their parent’s expectations. Empower them to succeed, give them unconditional love and your children will love you back in return. (My mom used to think me being a ‘rapper’ was insane! But now she supports me 100% and I love her for it!)

4. Pray for them like crazy ~ There is nothing more powerful in this world than prayer. When all else fails, get on your knees and ask God to change and transform your son/daughter to become who He has created them to be. There is no prayer too big or too small that God can’t answer! (God answered my mom’s prayers and He will answer yours!)

I pray and hope this helps you to become a better parent and understand your teenager or young adult better. I love my dad and mom. They are not perfect, but little by little they are learning to let me be me and in turn, I love them back for their support and unconditional love.


Pastor Jaeson

this is a gud advice n preference to parent who care about their rebellious child!

47 reasons to think twice in a relationship (DATING)

47 reasons to think twice in a relationship (DATING)

1) If you do not possess a passionate desire to give to them.

2) If they do not possess a passionate desire to give back to you.

3) If your personal achievements have not created excitement in them.

4) If they are not captivated by what has captivated you.

5) Think twice if you have lost your desire to impress them.

6) If they never ask quality questions concerning your greatest dreams and goals.

7) If they ignore quality counsel from qualified mentors in their life.

8) If they have not yet impressed your pastor.

9) If you do not see continuous improvements in the relationship.

10) If they show little pain or remorse concerning their past.

11) If they enjoy the climate and atmosphere of rebels.

12) If the atmosphere of unbelievers excites them.

13) If they have an obsession to attract the opposite sex.

14) If breaking the law is humorous to them.

15) If they show little respect toward the agenda of others.

16) When it is obvious you will not become their focus and assignment.

17) When they embrace an accusation against you before they have heard your side.

18) If they have not exited previous relationships peaceably.

19) If their parents have contempt for you or your assignment in life.

20) If they refuse to sit under the mentorship of a spiritual leader.

21) If pebble problems unleash mountains of anger in them.

22) If they refuse to find a job.

23) If their own dreams are not big enough to motivate them.

24) If they are uncomfortable in the presence of god.

25) If they feel inferior to you.

26) If they do not long to understand and please you.

27) If continuous strife exists between them and their parents.

28) If they treat the favor of others with ingratitude.

29) If they do not have the hunger to know the voice of god.

30) If you are not excited about introducing them to people you love.

31) If they have shown little respect toward the battles you have won in your life.

32) If conversations with them have become burdensome.

33) If they make major decisions of their life without pursuing your views.

34) If your time with them always ends with personal guilt.

35) If people of excellence do not surround them.

36) If they are unwilling to follow personal counsel.

37) If you do not admire their mentor.

38) If you only enjoy them in moments of weakness instead of moments of strength.

39) If they continuously give you counsel contrary to the word of god.

40) If their presence does not motivate you to a higher level of excellence.

41) If you can not trust them with the knowledge of your greatest weakness.

42) If you can not trust them with your finances.

43) If you can not trust them with your most painful memories.

44) If you can not trust them with your biggest fears or secrets.

45) If you can not trust them around your closest friends.

46) If you can not trust them in your absence.

47) If you cannot trust them to pursue god without your constant encouragement.

Have your fun!!:p

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BIG-Program Bina Insan Guru

was taken photo with the preskul teacher n helper

so cute this animals

1st time i saw it in preskul:p

horayy,beautiful scenary!!

ah,this is flying fox my back..

yesterday i n about 20 person was went 2 a Program that venue at Sk Malangang,Kiulu.
What an awesome place..we take about 30 minutes to reach that place..
there was famous of a long n wide river that people always go 4 rafting activities...
a phsyical challege place..fresh air..
act we were went there 4 a lot of activities such as sukaneka 4 presculer n coloring competition..:p
well,we decided to do a picnic there..but we only stay 4 a few minutes coz we hav to rushed bek to college 4 the closing ceremony of sport`s carnival.
this place act special 4 the group or young people to do camping there...there have camping side,flying fox tower,cycling area,rafting,jungle trekking n more..they was a group of primary student doing wilderness program that jealous looked they playing there..:p
however,was heard that our lecturer warned that a lot of people has been killed inside the river..
yet,we are so frustated n only go down to take photos...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dad`s Birthday Present

4th Mac is my beloved daddy`s birthday.i was prepared a present 4 him.
Guess wat is it? is a batik nice...
yet,this is sincere from my heart to appreciate his love that he poured in my whole life!
Sori that i din going bek to celebrate your birthday coz now is skul day.
Thank you daddy!
Love never fails...
LOV U n God bless..:P

First Medal

me n senior team won 3rd place!!yeahuu:p

Well,2day is our closing ceremony 4 sport`s carnival.and congrates to our team Mat Salleh won the 3rd place..we got gangsa medal,thanks 4 the cooperation of all the team members.
A good beginning to those who just start there sport`s life.include encourageable beginning...thanks thanks..
Cheer up!!