Friday, June 26, 2009

Health Life??^^

normally i wake up at 6:30am,
aft clean up myself,brush wash...
i`ll prepare my favourite meal..^^
an healthier drink..
i will have my breakfast regulary...
i`ll start my day with ~~oatmeal,original soya,jacob`s biscuit

the three kind of food there actually..n these are mix up aft blended into `broke`..mean slike powder..
then pour the hot water..but the soya drink was seperate with the powder...
i`ll shake it using my cutie tupperware..that time mix together with the oat meal n biscuit powder..yummy:p
this cup of drink gives me enough energy in a day,
aft tidy n make up myself,
then start my lecture about 5 hours..
i din take any food during recess coz my stomach still full
in afternoon,i`ve a break to rest..somwtime having rice or coffee..
but its seldom happen
i`ll bek to my room rest n prepare if there got lecture at 2pm
about 5pm,i`ll b goin to ecxercise,even just jogging,
jogging makes life healthtier,
sometimes goin to gym,
i know that i ned to have a health body to serve God
i blieve that if im weak sure that i wont b able to do anything,
i drink my soya aft exercise,as my supplement aft exercise,to repair n build up protein in body..
of course following bath
my dinner,having an apple first

then wash up my clothes,once in 2days,
devotion will b the following...i make it early so that i will feel sleep when nite coming,
then doin my homework...bag n file arrangement..
aft settle all i`ll ...
clen up my slef again aft sleep haha:p

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


long bean with oyster`s oil~~simple dish,by me

zhuk sun..a kind of bamboo..cooked by me

ban mian in keningau..

shark fin

i celebrate guon zhong festival in homtown at this time

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Who is lying on the ground? Guess what team is it?
What is Kaka doing while his team mates is celebrating?
What is on KAKA shirt?

ZOOM closer!!

I belong to Jesus.