Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kena Sunburn Is Not Funny

huhu..see my face kena sunburn owh after playing hockey,smile lagi..hate itttt......

hemm...i m the one of the hokkey`s player..u know?:p

our banner`mat salleh` red red..good sign:p u see the fire phoenix kan?

Who`s cool?

walao..three sport`s house showing their logos.

this is our sport`s house nice..the models there was showing the front n the back side:p

Haaa...2day was our sport`s complex likas 4 2 days...til excited with our group shirt..u see?share you decision..these are 3 group of us de logo..the other one are not yet knited..haha
yet,enjoy the logos there..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dragon Fruit

A tree with fruit

yellow skin

white flesh

red flesh

dad was cutting down the fruit

this mine

was packed n waiting to send to supermarket

haha..guess who the man inside the photo?
my dad larr..was cutting the dragon fruit...n my`security` was wacthing color one..hehe.A tough n loyal doggy:p
me act going to promote this fruit..haha,,nolar..just introduce to u a bit..i love this fruit not just bcoz the complete nutritions but its looked red ball..
These fruit are commonly known as dragon fruit.chinese call huo long guo or long zhu have 3 type of color such as red flesh,white flesh,n yellow skin.
The typical nutritional values per 100 g of raw pitaya (of which 55 g are edible) are as follows:

* Water 80-90 g
* Carbohydrates 9-14 g
* Protein 0.15-0.5 g
* Fat 0.1-0.6 g
* Fiber 0.3-0.9 g
* Ash 0.4-0.7 g
* Calories: 35-50
* Calcium 6-10 mg
* Iron 0.3-0.7 mg
* Phosphorus 16 - 36 mg
* Carotene (Vitamin A) traces
* Thiamine (Vitamin B1) traces
* Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) traces
* Niacin (Vitamin B3) 0.2-0.45 mg
* Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 4-25 mg
well its gud to those who wish 2 having a fairy skin..haha
the price tell u later..:p


this vege call kadazandusun etnic`s culture food!!
i fallen in love with it since my mum brought it to home...
act my mum have it coz heard that people said this vege good 4 hipper tension disease,
well this is a new thing to i`d like to taste it!!
how the taste?YUMMY!!A very strange smell..somthin like insect,n quite sour..bcoz the tuhau was mixed with vinegar,,huh.....dun know y?i love it very much...:p
somhow,kadazandusun people not all able/love to eat it coz their din like the smell..
aft me at hostel,cant tahan anymore,so i asked my fren to make this meal...thats his presentation..
So u guy try it..if not u will b regret..:pits gud 4 health,y not try it out?:p


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

People Around U

was touched by this share with u:

``Mengkritik Tidak Bererti Menentang,Menyetujui Tidak Semestinya Menyokong,Menegur Tidak Bermakna Membenci, Dan Berbeza Pendapat Adalah Kawan Berfikir Yang Baik``

Cheers frendship!!:P

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


recently was learned about finale.Finale is the flagship program of a series of proprietary scorewriters created by MakeMusic 4 mic soft.
learning to create music..huh..
bcoz this semester my class have this paper 4 exam,mean will have the pratikal test by using this software..
Awesome!!A fresh thing to learn.
besides,i have a music class special 4 my own improvement...will tell u more later more..
even its no easy to tackle at the beginnig but what to do somthing we were knowN?
som people is clever n smart thinking all the time,but4 me i think it is more pricely n precious coz at least we have learn somthing at that to the people known evcerything is learning with out anything..
me wish to b the composer to make music..haha...kidding..:p
well,thank God`s grace in my life bringing me stay live in Christ.

Love music!!


was not feeling very well today..just bcoz of som body smelly mouth..
i wonder near all lectures in college were very care about there student..
yet,i dun think so..
like me..act i m stressed n pressured 4 a long time just bcoz of some lecturers bad attitude..y only prejudice to me?am i a fool?or wish to bully me?
i think n think finally realize that me obviously doing nothing wrong to him...
felt strange that y people now a days treat people like animals...i dun know y??
he has a strange habit u know?he like to shame a person in front peoples...i know i have my weakness n wrong sometimes..but can u teach or guide me by using the right way?r u satisfied aft shamed people?
even,in ordinary skul,u treat student like that,just let them going suicide..
i m hurted wat he talked to i wrong?i try my best to correct it until i m stress but no body understand me..
demon!!go away...i m not weak,bcoz JESUS is beside me!In the name of JESUS CHRIST broke down the demons!Amen..
Me only hope that the certain lecturer will realize his attitude is make people very uncomfortable...n CHANGE!!better b a lovely person..somehow,mayb the lecture not realize that student would think about it..
to comparing lecturers..their gud n bad...
its has very big impact to their teaching statistic graf in the end of the year...
if the lecturer continueing like that,me cant do anything..
me nothing to scare,looking at the scene of JESUS CHRIST died..then as u look at the crowd gathered around the foot of the cross,u are impressed by the various facial expresions and actions of the people involved in the awful crime of crucifying the Son of God.
it is simple thing to say that CHRIST died for the sins of the world.Place yourself on the cross, but then recall what JESUS said as He hug on that cross,``Father,forgive them``Thank God, that includes u n me.
all my fren,pray that change in himself even he is non-christian..
pray that God touch his heart n turn to JESUS.



Monday, February 23, 2009

An Ego`s Smoker

Recently i talked to my smoker`s fren...was very shocked that his respond..
i was counsel him that stop to take smoke..but what he responded to me is nothing...
i wonder a person like this...the ego of him i definitely cant describe it..he said somthing that me seems like an out of date person..n i dunno anything....
for me,its ok if he don want to listen to me..but nowadays,we can see the disease that almost come from smoke..Its ok if people said that the smoker is more strong to defend disease,but do u ever think about the people around us everyday?that is no use if u regrets at that time....
in Conclusion,no smokers!i obviously refused smokers
felt so sad...
GOD,plz save your children from the sins!!

Please pray for me! I pray for you this day that wherever you are, whatever problems you are facing, you would know that there is a God who loves you and cares for you. I pray you experience the miracle you need. You are not alone in this world, say your prayers and believe for a better tomorrow. Help is on its way from heaven. In Jesus name, amen!


Life is not perfect, but every Life is worth living. We may go through hard times and challeges, but Life is beautiful struggle. we learn from our mistakes. No Life is an accident, but every Life is a destint. We were to live and enjoy every moment we have been given from above. Everthing in his Life, the good and the bad has a purpose, when we embrace Life for what it is we realize that Life indeed is beautiful..

Live Life with no regrets,Live Each day as if it were your last.


My beloved siblings

Here I m glad to share with you about my beloved siblings. This pic was taken on 2008 christmas caroling last year. However, my parent was not inside the pic, well, will upload another pic to introduce to u soon.
Here i begin to introduce my eldest brother lar, jia jun(from left). A passionate youth`s guitarist in the church. Now was teaching in SJK(C) Cheng Ming. He is the tallest between us. Huh...
next,my youngest bro Jason. Was still in SM Ken Hwa. People said he looked like the taiwan`s artist Wu Zun.Well.....look by yourself and give your mark to him..huahua..He is also love to planting some plant such as Dragon Fruit. The youngest boss in kgau..:pAnother thing,he is my gud helper,Once i need any help,he will besideS me..thanks..He is able to play many type of music such as bass,redeem,n a bit drum.Huh..awesome guy!!:p The gal aft him of course me lar...that time still looked baby fat, but now bcame more slim act was studying in Teacher Training College, Tuaran. Far from home, always homesick....:(Me still have 2 years more to finished it.. And the last is my youngest sister, Joana,very young, n studying in SJK(c)Yuk Kong. She is a hardworking gal n so charming..sometimes love to manja manja people especially my dad..however, she is `happy fruit` in our family. O yarh, never 4 get, she is the top three student in her batch eii.....n she will b the `hope` of the coming UPSR exam. Pray that she can success n try her best in the exam!! Peace out!!:p

Sunday, February 22, 2009

hA aii!!
im JOY!:P



New Year New Goals

Halo, im Joy!!This is my first time to created my own blogger!!
exciting n exciting....
As people said, had passion but no perseverance nor patience.haha..
Hopefully it would be successfully made!
Here i will share about my life n what i`ve experience.
Post your comments here n u`ll know me more!